Our Vision

There are elements we always take into consideration in order to build our platform, and the union of it all is what makes it so amazing.


Nimest takes art very seriously. In our mind it is impossible to make a product that attract users without thinking on artistic concepts.

Our goal is to make something beautiful, that blends with the environment and can give users the impression that they are emerged on a new world, where time is irrelevant, and they can interact with elements from different eras.


Our personages tell stories not only to inform, but to create emotions.

Our goal is not to be a new "Guide Book", but to be a live documentary, where users go around the city, discovering new things about it, and listening to stories on a first-person perspective.

By doing that, we aim to make tourists see our cities not only as a collection of buildings, but as a living organism with a dynamic history and home to many interesting lives.

Augmented Reality

Our way to use Augmented Reality goes beyond just showing information on pointed object.

We explore the environment to fit the story, so users have a reason to be at the right place to watch the story happening.

We believe soon people will walk around with AR Glasses and we want to be one of the first companies to exploit this new emerging technology.

Artificial Intelligence

By introducing Artificial Intelligence to Tourism, our goal is to go further than just give information to where to eat or what to do.

We want to go on a point that triggers tourist's creativity, allowing them to ask questions about monuments, people, costumes, and literally, anything their imagination let them.

We teach our AI with thousands of documents and articles and it makes neural connections between them. That allows it to understand a bigger picture about the subject and to answer precisely, doesn't matter what the question might be.